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The largest on the purchasing capacity a banknote in the history of paper money.

On stamps fragments Russian Tsar 500 rouble banknotes of 1912 are represented.

To the beginning of the XX-th century the technology of printing of money endured blossoming. At this particular time Expedition of Preparation of the State Papers (nowadays factory Goznak) has involved in cooperation of the well-known painters and engravers – J.Rejhel, A.Zauervejd, F.Lundin, P.Ksidias. As a result of long-term creative searches the image of “Russian currency” has been found. “The Nikolaev” rouble differed masterly complexity of execution, images on it quite often surpassed in complexity and refinement drawings and engravings of the best artists. Advantage in 500 roubles, it is certainly possible to carry last denomination of 1912 to the best samples of world currencies. Besides, the given denomination on purchasing capacity was the largest in the history of paper money.

Collectors Notes:

Date of issue: October, 4, 2010

Designer: Vladimir Marmiloff

Catalog number: 23-24