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Opening of the Commander Islands Vitus Bering.

Opening of the Commander Islands Vitus Bering 1741 stamp

The first branch of the expedition departed from St. Petersburg in February 1733. Crossing Siberia, the jealous crowd of officials, workers stubborn and rebellious scientists, began a three-year nightmare for the Bering. By 1740 preparations were completed in Okhotsk, and the expedition sailed to Kamchatka, where he spent the winter. Behring moved in June 1741 with two ships, but was soon accompanying ships were separated, and the Bering went on his way only to his vessel, St. Peter. He changed his course towards the northern lands July 16. A few days later he landed at what is now Kayak Island, but physically and emotionally exhausted, and afraid to get into the trap of “opposing winds, Bering returned to Kamchatka. The team sailed in a southwesterly direction, charting approaches to the coast on its way. By the end of August Bering became too ill, and he could not even go out of his cabin. November 4th coast of one of the islands, which are now known as the Commander Islands, was seen. On the wrecked vessel and to numerous patients, Behring decided to spend the winter on the island. Although he grew weaker day by day, he continued to direct his men until his death on Dec. 8, 1741. He was buried on the island, which is now named for him. In 1742, the Forty-five of the 77 officers and sailors of St. Peter, eventually reached a safe place.
Most Northern Expedition and geographically, and from a scientific point of view has led to numerous discoveries: in particular, it is worth noting that during this expedition was open strait, now named part of the Bering, which divides Asia and America, the Siberian coast from the White Sea to Kolyma River was mapped in detail, and the American coast of the island of Prince of Wales to the Commander Islands were also inflicted on the world map.